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M¥SS KETA is a performer, rapper with a punk attitude, pop icon and definitive diva. The angel wearing sunglasses at night, the mysterious mistress with vailed face. Her hidden identity makes her a universal icon because “with no face, there could be a little bit of M¥SS in each of us”. Situationist and unconventional, she is always at the forefront in debates related to civil rights, gender equality and the LGBTQ+ world. 

M¥SS KETA's music approaches pop and rap with a strong electro component, a sharp punk attitude combined with ironic and irreverent lyrics on our contemporary world, its contradictions and what happens out there or in the darkness of a club. 

In these years she has set the major Italian and European stages on fire, from Berghain in Berlin to the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, in a riot mix of electro, house, rap, dubstep that seems generated by her own body. A true goddess of the night that hypes up her devotee through her sacrilegious, excessive and radically hyperrealistic words.

Last May 2023 the artist celebrated, with an exclusive live held at ALCATRAZ (one of the most important Milanese gigs venues), the 10th anniversary of her debut single “MILANO SUSHI & COCA”, the song that immediately consecrated her the contemporary Milanese Diva, symbol of LGBTQ+ community in Milan.

Throughout her career, M¥SS KETA has released three albums: "UNA VITA IN CAPS LOCK" (2018), "PAPRIKA"(2019) which includes "PAZZESKA" an iconic hit certified Gold. Her latest album "CLUB TOPPERIA" (2022) earned 435 MLN total streams, and the single “FINIMONDO” was certified Double Platinum. 

As a multifaceted artist, M¥SS also published her autobiographical book "UNA DONNA CHE CONTA" (2018) in which she recounts the life and evolution of her controversial and spectacular figure.

In May 2023, she released the song "PROFUMO" which was followed by the PROFUMO TOUR 2023 that took her to perform live on stages throughout Italy. During autumn 2023 she traveled all around the continent with her European Tour and her original song “CONDANNATA A DANZARE” featured in Maccio Capatonda’s movie “Il migliore dei mondi”.


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