Freddie Long

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From a young age, Sussex-born Freddie Long started to develop his distinctive sound and style; uploading his tracks online quickly garnered a fiery momentum behind the singer-songwriter.

Taking the path of being a singer/songwriter has never been one paved with roses. One that is often embarked on alone due to the intensity that comes with creating and the world surrounding them. However, with Freddie Long’s already signature vocal ability that has a gravelled undertone to it, makes you feel like you have known this voice your whole life. Inviting you in, Freddie’s talent can sometimes embrace you for a hug, and sometimes it can make you feel exactly what he is feeling. It makes you feel, it breaks your heart and for fleeting moments, it puts a smile on your face. 

A true marker of talent, Freddie Long is the epitome of the millennial generation that is being torn from the harsh realities of the modern world whilst finding empty solace in the dark side of social media, partying and searching for something more. Coming out from the other side, what makes Freddie Long so interesting is his ability for his words to make you feel like they are being directly told to you.

Since releasing his debut EP ‘Blessed Or Cursed,’ he has received accolades from Complex, Notion, Wonderland, Official Charts, tmrw Magazine, CLASH, Mahogany, and BBC Introducing. He has also performed live at The Great Escape, Sundown Festival, and BBC Introducing Live. Having received 500,000 organic plays on his latest EP ‘These Darker Days’ within a few weeks and labeled ‘Ones to watch’ from MTV, Freddie Long is becoming the artist he was always destined to become.

Freddie Long Live:

25.09.2022 Freddie Long - Berlin - Lollapalooza Festival Tickets