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I've been waiting for this a long time.


I've been waiting for this a long time LP/CD   Release: 25/04/2003

Return of the COOL. { back to german info }

THE SITCOM WARRIORS at the Magnet (19.12.02)

A chainsmoking keyboarder who looks like a bank accountance manager, a guitarplayer who needs to replace his torn guitar strings constantly, a hard working drummer with all kinds of funny facial expressions while working his drumset, a bass player I can`t say anything funny about and a singer, who could replace Mick Jagger for the title of" the Lips"...Ladies and Gentlemen it`s THE SITCOM WARRIORS.

A bunch of non-pretensious, lazily dressed-down guys who are cool enough not to care about a stylish outfit to sell their music and who instead display a nerdy charm combined with their "Modern City Coolness", a style and term they`ve invented 3 years ago for their music when they started out as a band. Since then they`ve managed to create a distinguishable sound of their own. One you`ll always be able to classify as "the Sitcom Warriors sound". They don`t claim to have invented rock’n’roll anew or try to look like punk rock bands of the late 70`s, instead they are doing their own thing. Non-retro but straight ahead giving a new twist to old influences like the Stooges and the Velvets.

From the beginning on the Sitcom Warriors had the audience on their side. Jonas Poppe, singer with the Sitcom Warriors once fell behind the drumset and nearly down the stairs into the backstage area after the band had played themselves into a frenzy after 1.5 hours. Before that he`d jumped into the audience and parted it like Moses the ocean to face his band while performing No one is allowed..., a song with those nasty no one is allowed to touch my little sister/warrior...except me-lyrics he always sings with his ever laconic and lispingly voice. All the time something went wrong, guitarsides had to be replaced, the drum set had to be repaired at some point but the guys just laughed it off and played on. For the time being Jonas told us some stories about his fellow bandmembers, taking the piss out of them untill Ran Huber joined them on drums again and the audience cheered as they continued to give us their diverse sounding repertoire of for example waltzlike rocksongs with weird keyboard intermissions or raw-sounding Popsongs with naughty lyrics. A concert marathon that lasted 1.5 hours and gave you good music and a lot of entertainment for your money.

They have a 4-Track-EP out produced by Schneider TM which has been played on the radio by the likes of Christine Heise (Radio 1), Martin Petersdorf (Fritz) and even John Peel. Their Longplayer is due in March or April on Buback Records.